Iced Coffee VS Cold Brew; Black VS With Cream

Hey there friends, we at Don’t Be A Prick Coffee Co. want to know how you prefer your cold coffee. I (Brittany) used to be all about iced coffee until I tried cold brew. Now it’s a tough call! If I’m just at home making my own coffee than I 100% am drinking cold brew; if I’m out and about, it depends on where I want my coffee from. Who has your favorite out & about coffee? One of my all time favorite iced coffee’s is from Jack In The Box. Have you tried theirs? 

Now do you prefer black iced coffee or with cream? The older I get the less cream I need but I still can’t drink it black. 

Tell us what you think in the comments😊

Thanks for reading💕,
Brittany @ Don’t Be A Prick Coffee Co.

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