About Us

Hi there! 

We at Don't Be A Prick Coffee Co. live with a simple philosophy: Don't take life too seriously, and treat everyone with kindness, love, and compassion. Simply put, don't be a prick.


Over the years, Brittany and I (Daniel) have forged our friendship over hard work and a dream of one day owning and operating a business. From day one, we agreed we would share our future success with those in need. With a goal in mind, but little direction on how to achieve it, we spent countless late nights studying, crafting, researching, all in an effort to make our dream a reality. We ventured down many different avenues in our journey, but nothing fit us just right. The only consistent aspect of each attempt was using our business as a vessel to spread goodwill and help those in need. Our tenacity eventually paid off, and inspiration was found right under our noses, literally! COFFEE!!!


To call ourselves coffee lovers would be an understatement. My life revolves around coffee. From black fast food coffee to sugary over priced lattes, I gotta have it, but nothing beats that first fresh brewed cup in the morning. Coffee lovers and fanatics know, fresh coffee makes the best cup. That's why we strive to provide all coffee drinkers with the freshest possible coffee, sourced from all over the world and roasted to order, the same day it ships. 


We believe you should start each morning with kindness, love and compassion in your heart, and coffee in your belly.


Thank you for stopping by💕!


Brittany & Daniel


@ Don't Be A Prick Coffee Co.